How do I set up Two Factor Authentication (2FA)?

I have been informed that our organisation will be requiring 2FA to access our Stellar account - how do I set this up? Note that Two Factor Authentication (2FA) is often referred to as Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

If you need an additional level of security, the Stellar Secure Business Platform supports 2FA. You will need to have a two-factor code generator mobile app installed, such as Duo, Google Authenticator, Microsoft Authenticator, Authy, 1Password or LastPass.  Any of those two-factor code generators will work with Stellar. 

To ensure that your Stellar log-in is secured, we strongly recommend installing the authenticator app on a separate device from the one that the Stellar app is installed on.

It may pay to check with your organisation’s IT support team to see if they require you to use a specific authenticator app.

Please ensure you have installed the two-factor code generator in your mobile device prior to setting up Two Factor Authentication for your Stellar account.

After your account manager (Head Librarian) has activated the 2FA option, you will receive the following:
  1. an email to your inbox advising you to set up your Two Factor Authenticator.  The email will be similar to the one below:

  2. When you open the Stellar app, a Two-Factor Authentication activation dialogue will appear (as per diagram below)
  3. Activating the Two-Factor Authentication
    Once you have completed the installation of the two-factor code generator of your choice, please open your Stellar app and follow the below three simple steps:
    a). Open your previously installed Authenticator app (two-factor code generator).
    b). Select the Authenticator app option to Add a new entry, then either scan the QR code with your two-factor code generator or enter the 16-character alphanumeric code below the QR code into your two-factor code generator.
    c). Enter the newly generated code into 2FA Number field and then select .