How do I create a Document Collection Module?

Create a Document Collection Module

The following steps will show you how to create a document collection:

  1. Log into Library Manager via Google Chrome (internet Browser)
  2. Create a folder (August meeting papers) and load all board papers into the newly created folder.


  1. Once all the files upload completed.  Click on the up arrow on the left-hand side of the bookshelf.  This will bring you back to the previous level. In this case, it will the August Board meeting.


  1. Click the document collection module button 

4. Enter a name for the new document collection and then press ok:

5. The following screen will appear:

6. Select a document within the library.  You can either select all document within a folder or different document from different folders.

7. To select all documents from a folder, click on the red circle of the folder. 
8. To select different documents from different folders, click the upward arrow button in the top left-hand corner of the bookshelf.

9. Once all the documents are selected.  The librarian can then simply put in a name for new sections.  For a new section to appear in the reader app, the section needs to contain a document file.  You can move the document file up or down between sections.  You can also move the whole section up and down which also include the files within each of the section.

10. Once the title of the section is completed.  You can then close the document collection module, by either:
a. press or
b.  Beside document collection icon.

11.  The document collection is ready for the reader to view.