What is the Usage Report?

The Librarian can look at information related to readers accessing the files that you have distributed to them. The report shows what percentage of readers have downloaded your file, and how many have opened a particular file.

 Selecting Usage Report presents the option to proceed or to first of all select Include raw data.

 Selecting OK opens a File Usage Report in another window that includes the percentages of:

  • users (readers) that have downloaded the file
  • users (readers) that have opened the file.

 If you also asked for raw data, you receive the following additional information:

  • User (readers) name
  • First downloaded (date and time)
  • First opened (date and time)
  • Last opened (date and time)
  • Read Receipt confirmations (only if selected from the File Info menu when distributing the files)

A usage report can be generated from either the Folder menu or the File menu. If you work from the Folder menu, the report will contain information on all files in that folder, rather than just one particular file.