Why am I getting an Upload Error?

Occasionally when uploading files into your library you may see an error message like this:


Errors you might encounter


  • File too big
  • The filename has no extension
  • Unsupported file type
  • No duplicates allowed
  • Insufficient Storage
  • Password Protected PDF
  • Corrupt PDF
  • Network/Server Error (###)
  • Server Error - Try again
Explanations of these errors are detailed below.

File too big

The maximum file size permitted for a single file is currently limited to 500 MB. 

The file name has no extension

You have tried to upload a file that has no "extension" as part of its name. The "extension" is that part of the name after the "dot" or fullstop (period) character. Stellar Library uses the extension to determine how each file will be processed. You will need to convert it to a supported format before you can upload the file.

Unsupported file type

You have tried to upload a file that is not supported by Stellar Library. You will need to convert it to a supported format before you can upload the file.

No duplicates allowed

Your library has been set to not allow any item (file or folder) to have the same name as any existing item on the currently displayed bookshelf. You may wish to rename the file on your computer before attempting to upload it again. Or you can upload it to a different folder within Stellar Library.

Insufficient Storage

This means your library is full. Every library has a limited amount of storage (GB), when you have used up your storage you cannot upload any more files. You can see your storage quota in the bottom right hand corner of the library manager:


Your storage quota is shared with other users of your library, so it might be someone else's files that are using up the storage.

There are two ways to solve this problem so you can upload your file:


  • Get more storage - your head librarian can add extra storage by selecting "Change Plan' in the Accounts tabs.
  • Delete some files to free up storage - if you right click on a file in the library manager you will find an option to "Delete" the file.

Password Protected PDF

Stellar Library does not currently support password protected PDFs. Remove the password and upload the PDF again.

Corrupt PDF

Stellar Library cannot open the PDF to create the thumbnail image as the PDF is corrupt. You can confirm the PDF is corrupt by trying to open it on your local computer.

This error will occur if you try and convert a file to a PDF by simply renaming the file to end with '.pdf' - this approach will not work.

Network/Server Error (###)

The library manager was unable to upload the file because of an error with the network or server. The first thing to do if you encounter this error is to try uploading the file again. The problem may be temporary.

This error is usually followed by an error number:

  • 0 - A network error. Check that your connecting to the internet is working by browsing to a popular website such as Google. If you cannot browse to the rest of the internet, then the problem is probably on "your side" of the internet, you will need to take care of getting it fixed. If popular websites work, then the problem is probably on our side of the internet - we have automatic monitoring and are probably aware of the problem. Hold tight and try again later. 
  • 500 - A server error. An error occurred on our servers. Try again to make sure it was not a temporary problem. If the problem persists you will need to wait until we fix it. Our staff are automatically notified when these errors occur. Feel free to contact us to find out when we expect the problem to be resolved.
  • ??? - Other numbers. Other numbers may indicate a problem our staff are not automatically notified about. If you see such an error we encourage you to contact our support staff.

Server Error - Try again

This error message indicates that an error occurred on one of our servers. Try again, it may have been a temporary fault. If the problem persists, you will need to wait until we have fixed the problem. Please contact us if you need to know when we expect the problem to be resolved.