Sharing Documents Using Multiple Document Selection Tool (“Tag” tool)

Sharing Documents

1. Press the “Tag” icon on the bookshelf toolbar to begin selecting items from your bookshelf.

2. The icon will change from an outlined tag to a solid tag, and the “Magic Wand” icon will appear on the bookshelf toolbar.
3. Each document icon that you press will be tagged with a selection icon (the red circle containing a white tick).  Note that if you select a folder icon, then all items within that folder will be selected.
4.1 When you have finished selecting items, press the “Magic Wand” icon.
4.2 A document selection dialogue will appear.  Press “Share” to continue.
4.3 Pressing the “DESELECT” icon will remove all of your current selections and allow you to start again.
4.4 Pressing the “CANCEL” icon will retain your current selections and allow you to continue selecting items.
5.1 Please note that each document that you select to share will be checked to ensure that it has been granted “shareable” status by your librarian.
5.2 As shown in the image here, two of the selected documents is not shareable, so if you press the “SHARE” icon to continue, that document will not include with any other shared documents.
6. Press share and you can select your output option.